Rahul de Cunha Pictures goa, Photographar

Rahul de Cunha Pictures goa, Photographar
“Rahul de Cunha I love weddings, they are filled with so many special moments. From the frenzied rush of the bharaat to the reflective quiet of a bride dressing up or the restless energy of a bridegroom rehearsing his vows, a mum who wants the day to go like clockwork. It hardly ever does…but then that’s part of the story you’ll tell someone someday when you are looking at old pictures… I want to capture it all. I want my photos to tell your story – one day in a lifetime.”
FRXJ+QQ Panaji, Goa
Address: Luís de Menezes Rd, Near Head Post Office, Altinho, Panaji, Goa 403001

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